Main Arena Entertainment

Attractions at this year’s show will feature high octane Main Arena entertainment with appearances from:

Backdraft Wheelie Firetruck-  A massive 20 ton Fire Engine that thinks it’s a wheelie bike! Performing the seemingly impossible by steering, stopping and pirouetting on the two rear wheels only.  Adding to the spectacular display is a custom-built vertical exhaust system which spurts huge 3 metre flames and fireballs!

Kangaroo Kid Quad Stunt Man-  Matt Coulter, the Kangaroo Kid, is a world class stuntman from the Gold Coast, Australia. His daredevil stunts are performed on Quad Bikes on which he has created many Guinness World Records throughout the years.

Adrenaline Tour Stunt ShowWorld Championship rider and death-defying stuntman, Jason Smyth will wow the crowd with huge jumps over ramps on quad bikes and motorcycles, catching items of memorabilia 30ft in the air above his articulated rig in a show-stopping stunt extravaganza.



More information coming soon!